Medicinal Purpose

Medicinal Purpose

The future looks positive for CBD, and also CBG if preliminary tests provide the expected results (one hypothesis is a higher anti-inflammatory capability).  At the end of 2019, two cannabidiol medicines became available for specific prescription on the NHS: Epidyolex and Sativex.  The former is for two precise forms of epilepsy in children and the second for spasm control in multiple sclerosis (not pain).  This was a massive step towards legalisation of phytocannabinoidal use for medicinal purposes.  Nonetheless, it is restricted to just these uses and perhaps for good reason when it comes to Sativex, which combines CBD with THC. 

As many CBD products as there seem to be out there, this is very much an emergent sector when it comes to medicinal use and only time will tell.

With Reach CBD products you can be sure you are using only premium quality CBD, delivering purity and efficacy all the way.  Swiss made, 100% organic, and containing all the antioxidant properties and phytonutrients the Hemp plant has to offer, Reach CBD offers an alternative to mainstream pharmaceuticals when it comes to living a full life.

Please note that very rarely, allergies to cannabis do exist.  Deemed safe to use by WHO, side effects of taking CBD can include drowsiness, diarrhoea, and decreased appetite (but these have only been recorded at high dosages of 5mg/kg of body weight in studies).  If concerned, seek the advice of your local GP.

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