Is CBD legal in the UK?

Is CBD legal in the UK?

Regarding the law, when it comes to CBD products for sale generally, if there is over 0.2% or 1 mg of THC present then that product becomes classified as illegal. 

To put it another way, the higher the level of CBD present, then that should mean the lower the levels of psychoactive THC, thereby meaning that premium quality CBD products are the legal way to go when seeking pharmaceutical alternatives.  Buy cheap, and you can certainly expect repercussions. 

Cannabis extract, or full spectrum oils, will contain each one of the mentioned 113 phytocannabinoids present within the Cannabis plant, including THC.  Nonetheless, an extraction or isolate seeks to quite literally isolate or single out the CBD.  As long as the THC left within the remaining percentage is below 0.2%, no psychotic effects should occur.  Indeed, CBD itself acts as a buffer (technically termed, a ‘negative allosteric modulator’) and limits any effects of any remaining THC. 

For a clearer example, Reach’s CBD isolate contains 99.7% CBD – the remaining 0.3% contains the other 112 or so phytocannabinoids proportionally therein.  Microscopic remnants which the CBD keeps ‘in check’ for only positive results. 

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